Model swears by ‘natural’ bubble bath hack made with egg whites: ‘Superior’

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Hannah James, a model who runs @yogagirl710 on TikTok, revealed her unique method of creating the ultimate bubble bath involving egg whites. 3 Seater Hot Tub

Model swears by ‘natural’ bubble bath hack made with egg whites: ‘Superior’

“I love making the bubble bath myself because the bubbles are superior and also it’s made with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals!” the Gen Zer told

In a clip posted on TikTok, James, 26, mixed raw egg whites with honey, shampoo and another product before she poured the concoction into the bathtub. Immediately, suds overflowed the candlelit room.

The Spain resident found the bubble bath formula online and couldn’t resist trying it.

She claimed the bathtub cocktail — which produces a foamy white emulsion with a smooth consistency — is better than conventional soaps for a few reasons: “The bubbles made with the egg mix last longer and are more frothy and larger than regular bubbles, it’s like the start of whisking a meringue!”

James further admitted that she uses the homemade bubble bath quite often.

“One of the first times I tried it was in a jacuzzi bath and the bubbles almost hit the ceiling and I knew I was onto something special,” she gushed.

Despite her endorsement, James’ homemade bubbles had many people confused over the bizarre bath hack.

“Gross and weird but can’t go wrong with bubbles,” one responded to James on social media.

“Eww raw eggs,” lamented another. “The raw egg will be poached at the end of the bath.”

Meanwhile, other people are open to the concept of breakfast in bath. “Genius looks better than using chemicals,” wrote one fan.

However, the model and former trapeze artist remains unbothered as her quirky online content helps her rake in nearly $100,000 a month.

“I have been able to pay my debt off with ease once focusing full-time on live streaming,” she said.

James devotes her online persona to posting suggestive photos and video clips showing her flexibility and people’s sexual desires.

“I knew from an early age that a conventional 9 to 5 wasn’t for me and I used my circus-style shows and stage performances to stand out,” she recalled.

Some of her most popular content features James cracking a whopping 1,000 eggs and posing while hot dogs are being thrown over her scantily clad body, per SWNS.

Model swears by ‘natural’ bubble bath hack made with egg whites: ‘Superior’

Outdoor Jacuzzis She added, “I dreamed of a free and flexible working life that was full of fun and that’s what I thought the circus could give me but now I have all of that and total control of my time.”