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The D-2000 Series remains small while satisfying specifications for industrial equipment. [Features] Twist-resistant terminal and housing structure: The box shaped recessed contacts are twist-resistant. The housing slits also prevent diagonal mating. This contributes to increased reliability. Effective mating length: By securing a long and effective mating length, the demands of industrial equipment can be met with high reliability. Applicable wires: This product can be used with AWG18 wires that are widely used in the industrial equipment sector. · Lock filling: A distinct locking sound and vibration are transferred to the worker when mating the connector. This makes it possible to complete work without coupling errors (half-mating) even when working in low-visibility environments. · Keying: The keying (slit) in the housing is provided to prevent coupling errors by distinguishing X keys from Y keys. Additional key patterns can be created by using a keying plug. · Center locking format: When high-density signal line mountings on circuit boards are required, the footprint on the circuit board can be minimized by mounting narrow-pitch connectors. · Drawer type: The drawer type has been developed so that each side of the connector has a floating construction. This is as an application that is aimed toward meet the requirements of blind mate connections. The maximum number of pins for the Series is 50P. Using this connector unit-to-unit blind mate connections are possible. · Hybrid type: This type can house the signal lines in the D-2000 contacts and the power line in the D-3000 contacts. The D-2600 Series can bundle the signal and power lines into a single connector. This contributes to the footprint of the circuit board and improve maintainability.

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part 1-1318114-9 in the D2000 Series series.Please check the model/dimensions/specifications of part 1-1318114-9 in the D2000 Series.

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