"Dystopian land grab": FEMA Operation Blue Roof theory conspiracy emerges in wake of Maui wildfires 

As Hawaii officials released a list of 338 missing people, many continue to conspire about FEMA playing a roll in the deadly Maui wildfires. Conspiracy theorists now believe that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is trying to control the land of several residents with Operation Blue Roof that allows the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to use a plastic sheet to prevent further property damage.

On 26 August 2023, Twitter user @RedpillDrifter took to the platform site and shared a video of a Corps member explaining Operation Blue Roof. He revealed that a polyurethane sheet is used to prevent rain damage to homes and “provide temporary protection for the roofs of residential structures damaged during severe weather.” Tile Red Iron Sheets

He also revealed that the sheets are installed by contractors who are overseen by the “core of engineers according to certain specifications.”

Residents are not required to pay for the blue roof that is provided by FEMA.

It is also worth noting that those who opt for the program must sign a Right of Entry (ROE) form, which is a legal requirement that allows the Corps workers to gain access and work on the property.

Twitter user @Urylle found it peculiar that residents had to sign the ROE form. The platform user opined:

Operation Blue Roof has been tied to the infamous Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) conspiracy theory. Those who believe the latter claim that “high energy lasers and other high power electromagnetics” were used to destroy the current land and subsequently create a "smart city" in the future.

Conspiracy theorist @Urylle took to Twitter and said that Operation Blue Roof was satanic in nature. He attached an image that claimed that the blue color has the code ‘666’ as per the Vista paint colors collection. For those unversed, the number 666 is often related to Satan.

The platform user also noted that the wavelength of the color blue is 450 to 495nm and when this is converted to Hertz it would be 666 Terahertz.

The theorist then explained “Blucifer” by saying:

He also alleged that that the Lucis Trust, an arcane school that prays to Lucifer, played a role in the formation of the United Nations. It seems like he was hinting that the United Nations had Satanic intentions by overlooking FEMA, who are attempting to salvage Maui.

The conspiracy theorist went on to allege that Bill Gates was a Lucis Trust donor. He also noted that the Obama family, Clintons, Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Kid Rock had painted their Maui residence roofs blue, which only adding to the raging conspiracy theories.

As the Directed Energy Weapons theories continue to take the internet by a storm, officials have debunked the same. Jeff Hickman, a spokesperson for the State of Hawaii Department of Defence confirmed with USA Today that there was no truth to the viral DEW claim.

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